Bodega Bay CCI Members Honor Here Responds

And so, after many months of preparation, landmines were cleared and debris removed and Bodega Bay reestablished itself. Our Volunteers & Philanthropists did so, as they have before in Texas, Florida, and other affected areas. But Bodega Bay is unique in that they have sufficient silt and gravel up the beach – our CCI volunteers were able to remove much of it, which is of interest in the unique difficulty created by sand cliffs. We salvaged crates and other debris from the beach to a landfill and helped clean debris from the beach. Some were offered for inclusion in the fabrication of a new beach ramp, which we sold to raise funds to replace the damaged current ramp. We also raised money to pay for rebuilding a damaged bike path, adding a bike path along the beach without any structural modifications to the area to prevent erosion.

Many people in our community have been active in helping each other in Bodega Bay, many volunteering and others being solicited to offer their talents for their communities.

Bodega Bay is a quiet and beautiful community; volunteers continue to assemble materials needed for our immediate community needs at each site. We are accepting a donation now to help augment these services. There are many opportunities for practical and creative contributions from individuals of all walks of life: donations of household items, monetary contributions, gardening advice. Please inquire with our contacts in Bodega Bay at (855) 292-6104.

Our CCI group will remain available as needed to help with sheltering, debris removal, restorations and volunteer recruitment

Please join us in continuing to ‘Stand Ready’ to help communities recover from disasters.

Our group is hoping for calmer weather to match lower tides on the Gulf Coast.

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