Is the Sports World Attempting To Fix An Unfixable Problem?

[Snowflakes] made promises they couldn’t keep.

In December, following the corporate blackout in Orlando, in which the Heat went 0-1 in the playoffs due to a lack of ticket sales and a sold-out stadium, Dolphins president Tom Garfinkel made some impassioned remarks, saying that the Miami Dolphins could only “hopefully be a destination in sports again in the next 10 years.” Ever since, members of the sports world have been pondering this important question: just when will the sports world return to normal?

Saturday morning at the ceremony dedicating the new 100,000 square foot Miami Marlins field, the sun came out, but the rain came and the field was under water. Some of the biggest names in the media were on hand to watch the ceremony where new Marlins owner Derek Jeter talked about “getting it right on opening day,” but as Twitter commentators like @chasehailey tweeted, “Blaming the weather for a missed forecast instead of not giving the teams better marketing is as tone deaf as it is lazy.” Obviously, this only made it clearer that the sports world wasn’t willing to make any changes and as Craig Mish reported, “the numbers aren’t that great. Sports economists said that only about 35 percent of the visits are from season ticket holders who stayed for the game, and for many of the non-ticket holders who do buy their tickets, it makes little difference whether it rains or not.” It seems that the consensus is that teams are still forced to focus on making bottom line numbers and despite some complaints from fans and fans magazines about terrible performance, the good will seems to be slightly less.

Even when the attendance is there, most fans aren’t showing up to most of the games. According to YBF, “The average ticket price today is $69.95.” So, given the large increase in price in the last two decades, people aren’t going to games. Even though today’s game was close, the crowd of approximately 18,000 was small, but they were all chanting for owner Jeffrey Loria to sell his team. Granted, the crowd wasn’t great, but any money Loria wants in the door will be enough to make the sale happen, while keeping most fans home on Sunday’s afternoons.

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-Ingo Bohm, Courtesy of Fox News

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